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About Eagle House School

About Us

At Eagle House we aim to provide a safe and focused academic environment for students.  Our ‘Student Focused’ approach helps us to provide an excellent progression for each individual student within a broad mainstream curriculum. 

We aim to grow each student’s academic potential. We implement High Impact Teaching Strategies to identify and support individual needs and talents. Further supported by our small environment where each student feels safe, cared for and respected as a unique individual. 

It is our priority to enhance students’ social and emotional growth, to encourage their natural curiosity and enthusiasm towards learning, and to provide the environment.

Our approach to learning and how it benefits a diverse student body?

Our History

Eagle House School started out in 2004 as a tuition centre that assisted parents who had chosen to homeschool their children. 

The centre grew from 4 students to almost 100 students utilizing our services in 2007.  

In 2007 we began the process of registering an independent school. 

In 2009, we were officially granted the status of an independent school by the Gauteng Department of Education.


  • Eagle House School is registered with the Gauteng Department of Education (GDE REG No. 400287), District D12 – Johannesburg West. 
  • We are a registered examination centre for grade 12 NSC exams.
  • We are registered with the IEB
  • Eagle House School presently subscribes to the Revised National Curriculum and its associated Outcomes Based Approach. 
  • Eagle House is a member of the Small Schools Initiative (SSI) Programme and Children’s Technology Workshop (CTW)

Our Achievements

“Top Independent School” Johannesburg West, by the Gauteng Department of Education. 

We are equally proud of our other achievements at the Gauteng Department of Education Annual Awards where we achieved Best Performing School and Top Student in the District Awards and numerous teacher awards.

Our latest achievement certificate

Eagle House Top Achievers 2020


Rinaldi Maritz

Head of School

Mark Rooza

High School Principal

Mandy Rooza

High School Deputy Principal


We are a Christian School

We are not a Church School and do not subscribe to any one Church’s doctrines. We have scripture readings in our daily assemblies and encourage teacher involvement.

Code of Conduct

The school has a detailed Code of Conduct which each student is required to sign. Nothing shall exempt a student from complying with the School rules. Ignorance of School rules is not an acceptable excuse.

The Code of Conduct is intended to establish a disciplined and purposeful environment to facilitate effective teaching and learning at the school.

Frequently Asked Questions


We have a full-time teaching staff of 17 educators. All our educators are registered with the South African Council of Educators (SACE) and/or hold higher degrees in their field.


National exam pass rate is 100%

Sport and Culture

Our main goal is academic achievement and maintaining small numbers in support of our learning approaches. Our students have the opportunity to participate in cultural activities and sports at clubs.