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Academics at Eagle House School

Our Offering

Eagle House School is an independent School who follows the national curriculum.  We complete two phases of the curriculum:

Senior Phase (Grade 8- 9)

FET Phase (Grade 10 – 12)

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At Eagle House, we follow the Revised National Curriculum.

In Grade 8 and 9, there will be nine learning areas. The subjects include English First Language, Afrikaans second Language, Mathematics, Life Orientation, Natural Science, and Social Sciences, Technology, Economic Management Sciences and Arts and Culture. ICT is taught throughout the school and is integrated into all subjects. All students are encouraged to become computer literate.

We use a variety of internal procedures including standardised tests to monitor progress during the year.  Formal assessments are also used at the end of every term. Results are communicated to parents through reports and at Parents’ Evenings.

The National Senior Certificate (NSC) examinations commonly referred to as “matric” has become an annual event of major public significance. It not only signifies the culmination of twelve years of formal schooling but the NSC examinations is a barometer of the health of the education system.

The first national examination, under the newly elected democratic government was administered in November 1996, following a highly decentralized approach.

21st Century Learning

We have developed a framework to ensure that 21 st-century learning is happening in both the context and content of learning. Our students are given a strong foundation in the core subject areas of English, math, sience, geography, history, commerce and the arts. 


We understand that children learn best when they are engaged with the subject matter and can make real-world connections. Starting in the lower school the Eagle House curriculum takes an interdisciplinary approach with a focus on experiential learning. Students connect with subjects through concrete experiences like role-playing, simulations, lab work, or exploration outside the classroom. 


They are encouraged to approach issues analytically, think globally and understand subject matter from different points of view. 

What Do We Offer?

To further support 21st Century skills we offer Tertiary Courses as part of our enhancement programmes to our students:

Our partner courses are facilitated by Open Window:

  • Software Training: Adobe Bootcamp,
  • Software Training: Premier Pro,
  • Software Training: Blender Basic.
  • *Software Training: Solidworks
  • *These courses are subject to availability
    All courses offered are only available to EHS and Praxis students.
  • You can download course information here.

Enhanced laboratory training programme in Physical Sciences and Life Sciences.

These activities assist students to apply interdisciplinary with a variety of topics.  The programme aims to promote key 21st Century skills, abilities, critical assignment, and learning dispositions.

Collaboration and workshops are provided in line with the British curriculum system. The student’s complete practical experiments and topics as extension to the National Curriculum Topics.  These are conducted at our partnership school’s collaboration and science laboratories.

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Our Unique Academic Approach

Our ‘Student Focused’ approach helps us to provide an excellent progression for each individual student within a broad mainstream curriculum.

We aim to grow each student’s academic potential; we implement High Impact Teaching Strategies to identify and support individual needs and talents. This is further supported by our small environment where each student feels safe, cared for and respected as a unique individual.

It is our priority to enhance students’ social and emotional growth, to encourage their natural curiosity and enthusiasm towards learning, and to provide the environment.